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Website under construction

Website under construction

Website under construction

graphic designer, web designer & developer

Hi, I’m Mark D. English.

I am a spiritual graphic designer, web designer, and developer.

I work primarily with graphic design firms whose clients need website development in HTML5, CSS3, and WordPress.

I also design and develop websites and marketing materials for bands, musical artists, and live music venues.

But I am not particular to only those fields. Basically, I am interested in working with any entrepreneur or musician who feels they are spiritual in some way.

PSD to CSS, HTML, & WordPress

  • You design websites for your clients, but may not have a clue how to develop or maintain it.
  • Graphic design firms know how to create images and design assets for websites, but need someone to develop the site. That’s where I come in.
  • Many developers from India try to find work in western countries like Canada and their services are often cheaper, but there is a language and culture barrier. I’m a native Canadian and am fluent in English.
  • By specializing in website development, I give you and your clients the freedom to run your businesses.
  • PSD to CSS, HTML, and WordPress development of a small website can sometimes take three to six weeks from the time I receive the PSD file(s) to completion of the site. I may be a little slower than other developers, but high quality is very important to me.
  • I will keep you informed if anything affects the project in terms of time, complexity, and budget. I am available throughout the process to discuss any details you may be concerned about.
  • Visit my web design and development portfolio to see some examples of my work.

Graphic and Web Design & Development for Musicians & Live Music Venues

The music industry is saturated and cutthroat, and it takes work to stand out and fill venues. Websites are one of the most important marketing tools for promoting your shows, but it might be the last thing you’re thinking about.

  • If you run a venue with live music or an open mic event at least one night a week, I can give your website a superb custom design AND develop it!
  • If you’re a musician or a band, I’m your man! I provide custom graphic and website design and development so you can do what you do best: inspire the world with music.
  • Whether you need me to design your whole brand or just your website, I make you look good and give you a design that turns doubters into believers and passerby visitors into loyal patrons or fans.
  • We’re talking CUSTOM design. I don’t just copy other websites or material. I’ll do everything I can to give you an awesome and unique look, while following UX design principles.
  • When I design your website, I’ll show you how the development is coming along every step of the way, and am available throughout the process to discuss any details you may be concerned about.
  • Visit my web design and development portfolio and my graphic design portfolio to see examples of my work.
  • Stay safe and rock on!

Monthly Website Maintenance

  • You might have a website, but you don’t want to be hassled about WordPress plugin updates or how to keep your site safe.
  • All websites are prone to hacking or malfunction. Any “oops” on your part could cause a site to disappear. Troubleshooting can be overwhelming, frustrating, and leave you in fight-or-flight mode if an emergency arises.
  • Your website should always be maintained properly, not just once, but repeatedly and consistently.
  • I offer web development and monthly maintenance packages to update WordPress plugins regularly, maintain backups, monitor for security breaches, and perform tech tweaks, so you never have to worry about what might go wrong or what to do if it does.
  • If you want to learn how to maintain and update the content on your own website, I can also provide you with the training you need.

Contact Me

Visit my web design and development portfolio or my graphic design portfolio to see examples of my work. I also offer discounts for recurring work.

Visit my Contact page to inquire about graphic or web design and development services or maintenance packages.