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The Blakey Consciousness Effect will help you feel more compassion, like I do when I think about Blakey...

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Go here for some of my poetry about Blakey, but don't make fun of me. It is what it is, dude. If you don't like it, just move on. I don't like it much either, but hey. We all live in a free world. The Blakey Consciouness Effect will set you free.

Blakey Concsiousness Effect

Train your brain and look as good as I do. (Dr. Pellow won't help you with that.) Improve your health, improve your brain, improve your happiness, get everything you want in life. The Blakey Consciousness Effect is the reason why I look good. Lots of women will agree with me (join me for a day and you'll see how often they look at me and check me out)... more details to come... The Blakey Consciousness Effect will help you look good (things that help you look good are good).

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Learn about the lies from pharmaceutical companies and how it affected me (see below)... (my mother beleived them)

Specious claims:
What Dr. Pellow believes she can make about me, and ruined my life ∙ [definition:] superficially plausible, but actually wrong

This is not the reason I look good:

Doctors need to be made aware of the lies from narcissists, especially when there’s such little accountability in the mental health care (abusive) system. — Mark D. English

Help me fight against the pharmaceutical industry by signing up below. I need your monthly donation in the form of a $10 monthly payment or more to help support my industry-fighting efforts, which I do daily. Mental health professionals, including Jim and Dr. Pellow, literally put in my health record descriptions of me that are the precise opposite of true–delusional (paranoid schizophrenic), no insight whatsoever, avolition (no interest or drive in doing anything in life, again the opposite of true), etc. This is because they, thanks to marketing hype from the delusional pharmaceutical industry, are trained (and delusional thinking they help people because they make money this way) to find people pathological in some way, brain disordered, which most are not but that wouldn’t make any money. Help me fight against an abusive system which I didn’t create or agree to. I wouldn’t hurt you, so don’t hurt me. I’m not delusional, and neither are you — it’s delusional thinking you need to give people drugs you assume are brain disordered.

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  • Narcissistic abuse as covert false claims against abuse victims
  • Helping young female victims of sex crimes and unwilling pornography
  • Establishing non-profit corporation (me)
  • Family matters of abuse, emotional neglect, and child and parental alienation against parent
  • Mental health system flawed as aimimg for profit for pharmaceutical industry and local and federal governments (misdiagnosis, drug-related issues from forced injection and other legal forcing of health care)
  • Blakey Consciousness Effect business and teachings

Doctors need to be made aware of the lies from narcissists, especially when there’s such little accountability in the mental health care system. — Mark D. English