Mark D. English

Challenging specious arguments & limiting beliefs

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Hi, I'm Mark D. English. I am a web developer, artist, writer & spiritual awakening guide.
I express myself through website design, blogging, music, and other artistic forms.

I attended George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario and Nova Scotia Community College in Halifax. During this time, the instructors at George Brown selected my and 100 other students’ print graphic design work among a thousand students to be displayed in a downtown Toronto gallery. I started print graphic design in 1998 and a few years later, acquired web development skills and technical knowledge.

My work experience includes pre-press and graphic design work in print shops and freelancing. Since then, I’ve continued to hone my web development skills. I design websites or can turn designs into HTML, CSS, JQuery and WordPress code (PSD to HTML & CSS). My personal background and spiritual values inform my work philosophy: I’ll never design work that encourages others to do destructive things.

At 18, I began my spiritual journey by embarking on the Sri Chinmoy path and learning to meditate. These days, I continue to follow the Sri Chinmoy philosophy and remain an omnist.

I believe any art created by a spiritual person spreads Light or Truth because the artist is spiritual. I want my activism and spiritual awakening guidance work to continue to manifest in my life through graphic and web design services, upcoming books, and music. Another way I like to ‘awaken’ people is through humour. I am also working on incorporating a non-profit organization called Aum Mission.

I’ve always been passionate about the arts. When I was younger, I wanted to be a rock-and-roll or blues pianist, singer, and actor. I am a nomad at heart who has kept a low profile for many years. I intend to change that now and am actively pursuing all of my childhood dreams. Through my work, I hope to inspire others and spread Light.

I spend most of my time in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Click to view my graphic design and web design and development portfolios.