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Challenging specious arguments & limiting beliefs

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The Blakey Consciousness Effect will help you feel more compassion, like I do when I think about Blakey...

The Blakey Consciousness Effect will leave you feeling happier, like I do when I love Blakey.

Change Your Habits, Reach Your Goals

Level up so you can get the things you actually desire:

    Nutrition advice, supplement advice and support
    Fitness training guidance
    Spiritual and mental health advice, using aspiration daily to retrain your brain to think more positively and compassionately, get out of old negative thinking habits that have been standing in your way and reprogram your mind so that you grow emotionally and spiritually in a way that you get what you want in life…view before and after pictures of me… improving yourself like this helps you to look good, you will automatically be more admired by others, spreading joy through your own increased happiness and improved state of mind….

    have a vision, a plan- remember you need goals in life, write them down; each morning read your goals, this is aspiration, how you achieve, the principles you live by each evening before bed, look at your goals and think of a plan or to do list based on previous to do list and current goals… get your intentions in line… intention is important- if your intention is to get laid, for example, that’s less effective than a higher intention if what you truly desire is a wife and family… when someone strives to achieve a goal in life, they work hard for it, they need to employ things like sincerity, discipline, dedication, simplicity, devotion,– think of a young athlete training for the Olympics or of someone trying to get their Master’s degree– in the same way, you have to work hard sometimes, but you also have to be patient and maintain a positive mindset and keep your goal in mind… you have to want to achieve it badly enough you can’t be lazy or unwilling to do what’s necessary… you mustn’t sit around waiting until you have a feeling of motivation or drive… you have to push yourself regardless then the drive and motivation will come after… remind yourself you’ll never make it unless you can do what you need to do to get there…
    Are you or is anybody you know passing up on an opportunity?
    You can’t do anything anyway unless you improve yourself, so why try to fulfill your desires first?

    PDF: may be suffering right now because you don’t have any compassion. This is how it works,see image below…. To follow the Blakey Consciousness Effect with others, here is what you need 1) Compassion is most important
    2) Daily prayer and meditation (at a set time and interval) before 630am…
    Nutrition, exercise
    Find ways with your doctor to reduce reliance on pharmaceutical drugs see quote from doctor below
    U need help from others in one way or another. U cannot be an isolated in ways that are causing you harm, and you may not even be aware of the harm. Doctors can help you, but True doctors should be compassionate, they should heal u or help u prevent problems in one way or another, sometimes it is just by making u feel heard, with compassion. Doctors (not real doctors) with no compassion are harmful to others. Read Dr. Sinatra below… human beings help one another (we are all depending on one another in one way or another), so u need to surround urself with compassionate or like-minded individuals to get the help from others u require, including whatever doctors u go to. U will not get the help u need from people who are not feeling compassionate to u, perhaps they will even fool u in some ways, but ur gut should tell u something is wrong, no one needs to confirm it for u, don’t waste ur time with people who are not truly compassionate. Ur gut will tell u. Only compassionate people help others– and that is the source of the problem with the system

    If you study statistics, 95% of the people live their life and never live the way they want to live. You gotta ask yourself: are you currently achieving your true goals, your dreams? Has what you’ve been doing all this time actually working? Change your habits, reach your dreams. Why repeat the same habits you’ve been practicing all this time and expect you’ll somehow reach your goals?

    Let me help you find out what it is you need to do to get what you want out of life and help you do it (repeat 5 times throughout)

    If you’re not willing to do what necessary, you’ll never make it

    You need to have a clear understanding as to what your goals and intentions are. With respect to your goals– don’t keep changing your mind, this will breed more confidence, just stick to it… then you’ll see you’re getting somewhere

How did the Blakey Consciousness Effect