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Challenging specious arguments & limiting beliefs

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The Blakey Consciousness Effect will help you feel more compassion, like I do when I think about Blakey...

The Blakey Consciousness Effect will leave you feeling happier, like I do when I love Blakey.

Friends and Supporters (I’m a Blakey Supporter 100%)

Friends, Supporters, FORMER CLIENTS who have agreed to provide a reference for me:

– David Oyler – current/former client, Oyler Consulting +1 (902) 476-4755
– Mark Knodell – long-time friend (known since high-school), Bedford Properties, Continental Connections +1 (416) 219-0706
– Al Rodee personal mentor, close friend whom I like, +1 (902) 452-0473
– Piu (husband last name Roy), personal friend of many years, friends only, +254-710-443310 (current location: Kenya)
– Natasha Johnson, former/current client, +1 (902) 483-3001 (doesn’t like calls unless you’re calling her for a reference for me)

Being an activist (which I am daily), I have gone through RIDICULOUS claims against me (my sister did as well, she is also suffering :(. Imma help us both.), which I am currently struggling with. That’s one of the reasons it’s important for me to have a large list like this of various people I know personally who will back me up. I don’t harm anyone, unlike my daughter’s mother’s claims against me toward my daughter, as one example of the false allegations (aka parental alienation). I was also ‘accused’ of being schizophrenic by mental health professionals. My supporters will help them understand that’s not true as there is no evidence of that. They, the mental health professionals, believed it based on spiritual beliefs and experiences I’ve had that they didn’t comprehend, which is not science, at all. None of the following agreed to provide any reference for me yet as I have yet to ask them for permission:

– Mike, currently homeless guy in tent, believes in God
– Danielle, neighbor down the hall, blonde hair, nice
– Sylvane, Freeman’s Quinpool, likes me and older tunes
– Angela, Brewsters Bedford
– Don and Pat, live across the hall
– Fidel, cab driver, from Kuwait, gave up smoking 20 years ago, good guy, likes to drive me
– Jim, cleans ice at Lebrun Centre, 4 days on/not on, nice guy
– Thomas, friendly guy who works at Harvest Bedford, NS
– Danielle, formerly worked at Harvest, Bedford
– Eve, dog’s name is Floyd like ‘Pink Floyd,’, lives down the hall, like Danielle, dog barks
– Amir, Casino cab driver, every time he drives me he reminds me he used to live in my building even though I don’t care
– Brandin, used to work at Brewsters, Bedford, like Tammy, very, very friendly fellow
– Wendy, Sunnyside mall gym employee
– Tay, Montanas, Bayers Lake, met in early 2023 – she probably doesn’t remember me. I don’t care about that either (see above)
– Caesar, Satellite taxi driver
– Phillip, Satellite taxi driver, I haven’t seen him for a couple years
– Josh, formerly worked at Freeman’s Quinpool, Halifax
– Reg, older fellow, grey hair, cap, glasses, goes to Tim’s in Bedford most mornings, wants to go to the Catholic church, health issues due to PTSD from his part in mining disasters rescue efforts
– Aimen, formerly worked at Starbucks in Bedford
– Jacqueline, dark-hair, former employee at coffee shop nearby
– Shay, Brewsters Bedford
– Mark, Soul’s Harbor, employee upstairs, helps manage the drop-in on Mondays
– Nadia, Brewsters Bedford
– Tab, very friendly fellow with wife and big old dog, lives in building, used to work for economic development, provincial department, then worked federal, now retired
– Derrick, former officer, retired, goes to Starbucks
– Courtney, manager at Freeman’s Quinpool
– Amita, Red Chillis, Bedford
– Shannon, Soul’s Harbour worker, likes to work in the Free Mart (free clothes, toiletries, etc)
– Divina, Soul’s Harbour worker
– Harpreet, Harvest
– Uno (Yoona) Chinese, Starbucks, Bedford
– David, bus stop friend, former security guard, now having eye troubles
– Robert, very friendly, walks his dog frequently, lives up Bedford Hills Rd
– Dave, Martina, very friendly couple who live across the street, sometimes see them at Brewsters
– Frank, older writer guy who goes to Starbucks, we talk about writing sometimes
– Marian, waitress at Bearly’s, downtown Halifax
– Karla, bartender at Dooleys, Bedford
– Thomas, friend at Dooleys
– Keon, Dooleys Bedford
– Emily, bartender at Butchers Block
– Sydney, waitress Montanas Bayers Lake
– Roberto, Soul’s Harbour food portion guy
– Paul, goes to Brewsters a lot
– Patsy, blonde/grey haired older lady dropin volunteer
– Beth, older lady with glasses, shoulder length grey hair drop in volunteer
– James, former military, wears a toque, mid-30s, has a son and daughter, dropin volunteer
– Dennis, from Britain, dropin volunteer
– Greg, drop in manager at Soul’s Harbour
– Young, Chinese guy at Starbucks, Bedford
– Tammy, bartender/waitress at Brewsters, usually works day, husband works as a Sheriff at the criminal court (I forget his name)
– Noel, Chinese guy at Starbucks, Bedford
– Julia, dark-haired waitress at Brewsters
– Shane, Tim Horton’s frequent patron, longer greyish hair, rides motorcycle, works at dockyard
– Audrey, St. Ignatius Catholic church parishioner, went to Roman Catholic school at the parish
– Alexa, waitress at Swiss Chalet Bedford
– Gwynn, St. Ignatius, man
– Rochelle, extremely kind social worker, married, whom i met at Brewsters in Bedford
– Sandy, goes to Dooleys Bedford, been going there for about 6 months, works an IT job at a trucking company (I can’t remember this person unfortunately)
– Rick, hangs out at Brewsters, was in military, once had sex with 7 different women in one day
– Janelle, dark hair plays the lotto machines, I don’t know her very well
– Amanda, Brewsters blonde hair
– Jeff, hangs out at Brewsters, lives across the street on Moirs Mill, plays the horses, works in IT at the credit union, uses a software called ServiceNow
– Michelle, dark-haired waitress at Brewsters
– Grace, works at Harvest, Bedford
– Sim, Indian girl at Freeman’s
– Randeep, Indian girl who works at Julie’s Stonehouse Truro, met on Feb 17th 2024
– Gary, Brewsters regular patron
– April, Freeman’s Quinpool waitress
– Kate, Russian girl in Bedford, daughter’s name is Dominika (3 year’s old)
– Mark, guy at St. Ignatius Bedford 11am mass, i think he said his sister runs the website. Light hair, mid 40s, has been attending the church for 15 years, never registered as a parish member
– Joy, Asian, mid-50s, husband works at sleep country selling beds, lives nearby the church, Catholic church parishioner
– Yurii – nice bartender, waiter Freeman’s Quinpool, Halifax, likes me, Russian, doesn’t know the Russian translation for ‘dehumidifier’
– Lisa, Ukrainian, Freeman’s Quinpool waitress, moved here with her boyfriend
– Jay, Weekend bartender Brewsters, started new years, used to work at Riverside Pub, usually works on weekends
– The Brewery by Quinns, makes Tommy’s Tipple (need to visit again)
– Donald Chisholm, patron at Harvest, Bedford, NS
– Zoey, very small cute girl who works at Harvest in Bedford
– Andrés, young blonde dentist at Hammond Dental (When she first told me she was the doctor during my very first visit at Hammond Dental, I thought it was some kind of subliminal message like you hear in a Pink Floyd song. She looks like she’s 12. I thought: “The dentist? A 12-year-old? Wow. I wonder what she’s ACTUALLY trying to say there. Maybe she THINKS she’s the dentist. Cool. How sweet!”)
– Miriam, bartender, HAS an 8 year old boy who plays drums, Your Father’s Moustache. Mariam: “I am not an 8-year-old boy who plays drums!” (You’re not allowed playing drums at Your Father’s Moustache)
– Sammy, thesis student, glasses, Freeman’s Quinpool
– Matt, goes to Freeman’s Quinpool, from Great Britain, been living here 17 years, smokes vape now, gave up cigs 4 years ago
– Owen, bartender, Brewsters Bedford
– Faruk, Afghanistani cabby
– Alicia, Freeman’s, been working there for 3 years, dark hair
– Sans (girl at Starbucks who’s like a skater, snowboarder, from Ontario (rhymes with sand)
– Jessica, Health store Bedford, also works at Health store Dartmouth, off Hwy 8
– Britney, dental hygienist, Hammond Dental
– Browny, friendly waiter at Your Father’s Moustache, downtown Halifax
– Dark haired girl that used to work at Starbucks Spring garden, taking contemporary studies at Dal
– Barb, Health Store worker, short grey hair
– Anna, Indian lady who works at Red Chillis, Bedford, NS, teaches English
– Caitlin Freeman’s Sackville, met her on March 26, 2024
– Maurice, bartenderFreeman’s Quinpool, Halifax, great guy
– Doug, met him at a Mooseheads game he lives near Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia
– Chunk, Freeman’s Sackville
– Shalla, Friendly cab driver
– Donna and Linda, neighbors down the hall
– Maude, Freeman’s, works weekdays or mornings
– Jenessa, young, skinny blonde Finbars Bedford
– Reckroom Jams, good cover band
– Linda, older lady who lives down the hall, moved in 25 years ago
– Nav, Indian girl who works at Booster Juice
– Akhram, computer science guy at Starbucks, Bedford
– Liesha, Indian girl at Booster Juice
– John, upstairs neighbor, likes my music
– Huril, Indian lady who works as food counter attendent at Athiti Indian restaurant Bedford Hwy
– Barry , old guy, drove me home Sat April 13th, lives in a building near Sobeys, Larry Uteck Blvd., Bedford
– JayAm (John Marie) – Filipino girl who is a very friendly greeter at McDonald’s, lives nearby
– Ken, Asian guy with blonde hair, goes to Your Father’s Moustache, watches baseball and hockey
– Mengo, camp ground near River John, Tatamagouche, need to visit
– Nick, booster juice
– Kayla, Small town girl works at Harvest, lives in Fall River, from small town ON
– Jon, Freeman’s Dutch Village Rd bartender
– Kaitlyn Freeman’s Dutch Village Rd bartender
– Allison, server at the Loose Cannon
– Nick, Booster Juice Larry Uteck
– Tasha, Boston Pizza, Sackville or Bayers Lake
– Greg, Soul’s Harbour, Halifax, NS
– Matt, Village Taproom, Bedford, Nova Scotia
– Pratak, slender tall Indian fellow goes to Brewsters a lot, that’s how I see him usually unless we stumble into each other at the doctor’s office nearby (which is where Dr. Michael used to work)
– Riley, young blonde girl who works at Harvest
– Ashiq, WFG
– Miriam, former cleaner, from Nigeria, she asked me if I was a religious priest when I first met her (I give off a spiritual vibe because I’m spiritual – not delusional as some have claimed with the help of some people’s false claims against me being mentally ill, I’m not)
– Kate, from Russia, now in Vancouver, met at Hi Hostel, Penticton
– Dave, nomad, originally from Sydney, Australia, met at Hi Hostel, Penticton
I met many people at Hi Hostel, Penticton
– Ken, Your Father’s Moustache (real name ‘Kennedy’, which is much nicer; I felt bad for her for having a man’s name, like me.)
– Dr. Lilian Michael, former family doctor whom I loved, believed me (mostly) except for at times when she became misguided by psychiatrist Dr. Pellow’s specious (see definition on front page) claims against me to her.
– Mandy C., close friend for many years, then narcissistic mom made her think she was angry with me (or that she, her mother, was angry with me)
– Dr. Greg Bailey, Urology, Halifax, NS
– Dr. Chea, walk-in doctor, Bedford Scotia Med (Call him!! Especially military, police, military doctors, etc.)
– Jamie, bartender for many years, from Vancouver, nomad
– Most people think I have a spiritual vibe <--- 100% true (Read that one Dr. Pellow, who wrongly thinks I have schizophrenia, with spiritual beliefs she doesn't understand, unfortunately, which is against my religion - to diagnose one as delusional, look it up maybe etc)