Mark D. English

Challenging specious arguments & limiting beliefs

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The Blakey Consciousness Effect will help you feel more compassion, like I do when I think about Blakey...

The Blakey Consciousness Effect will leave you feeling happier, like I do when I love Blakey.

Mark’s Music Resume (and local restaurants and cafés, Halifax, NS)

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Mark D. English

  • Passionate Musician, Performer, Recreational Therapist, Recording Artist, Humorist

  • Friendly
  • Loves performing
  • Song composer
  • Tries to start fights
  • Plenty of positive feedback
  • “[Mark’s] blues song on the piano is excellent… It sounds great.”
    Ryan Reed, local song-writer and musician for over 30 years


Dedicated musician with a passion for music and a strong desire to perform as a Musician. Committed to leveraging my musical talents to serve and uplift others.


Daily piano practice, song composition, continued theory study (15 hours per week) Captain

  • Client acquisition (phone, in-person, website, etc.); Design (website, print, web development, etc.); Writing (memoir, social media, etc.); Artwork (creation, sales, etc.)


  • Soul’s Harbour (serve meals, coffee, deserts, clean up, help guests, etc); Financial support for needy


Fireblade Software [.NET Developer] (2010) (frequent telephone discussions with lead developer to gather requirements)

Sysco Food Services [Graphic Designer] (2003) (worked closely with vendors and marketing staff to determine best solutions)

Annapurna Restaurant [Waiter] (1997) (served customers with a positive charm)


  • Piano lessons, practice & theory study since age 7 (grade six-level equivalent)
  • George Brown College [Graphic Design] TORONTO, ON | 1999 – 2002
  • C.P. Allen High School BEDFORD, NS | Graduated in ‘94.