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Challenging specious arguments & limiting beliefs

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The Blakey Consciousness Effect will help you feel more compassion, like I do when I think about Blakey...

The Blakey Consciousness Effect will leave you feeling happier, like I do when I love Blakey.

Volunteers Needed

Our Mission Statement:

    The mission we have is to spread joy through The Blakey Consciousness Effect

  • My mission is to help Blakey feel happy by sending waves of compassion and joy throughout the world. This is being done through my own self-improvement: I have to improve myself in order to spread joy and happiness and not bring others down, which may affect Blakey in some way. It’s a domino effect that goes from person to person—if I help one person feel happier, they then spread that joy to someone else who then spreads it to another person. It also involves, through my life coaching business, helping others improve themselves, through joy, and through recreational therapy involving humor, music, inspiration, artistic endeavors, and more. As each person improves themselves and becomes a better, happier person, we then help others, including Blakey. Our mission also includes dismantling abusive systems that are causing harm—harmful things upset others. Through our domino effect of helping others feel more joy and goodwill, The Blakey Consciousness Effect, we will make the world a better place.

Volunteer coordinators needed

Volunteers needed for the following:

Marketing and Promotion

  • Find volunteers
  • Create a documentary
  • Talk about Blakey Consciousness Effect with family and friends
  • Billboard, transit, or outdoor ad
  • Podcast guest appearances
  • Mark The Shark music album cover
    design art (yes very important that we use art for the album cover, same style art needed for poster (see below))
  • Blakey Consciousness website
  • Promote and sell Mark The Shark music online
  • Find web design clients
  • Sell t-shirts
    • Funny t-shirt ideas:
      – I only like old people and babies. F*ck off
      – I’m too young and sexy for this t-shirt, but I wear it out of sympathy for others.
      – Don’t you know that your dumbness bothers me?
  • Create Etsy shop of Mark D. English artwork and designs
  • Nicer design of Mark D. English poetry website
  • Hand out flyers
  • Put up posters around town
  • Get books into bookstores
  • Return address mailing labels for Blakey Consciousness Effect set up and printing
  • Poster design and creation

Monthly Donations/Support

  • Find people who are willing to make a monthly pledge of at least $20 / month

Fiverr Etc. Gig/Ad Creation

Gig ideas include:

  • I will write your business slogan. (Ideally, a great tagline is 2-4 words, and absolutely no longer than 7-8 words. Optional addition: Will translate to Chinese/Hindi/Benagli)
  • I will create a PowerPoint presentation for your topic of choice
  • I will design a logo for you or your brand. (this would likely take 1 or 2 hours)
  • I will design a 4-image social media flyer
  • I will write a funny, personalized “Hallmark” card for you, with a funny message of love (might be better to just create these for Amazon, maybe find some of the stuff said on X)
  • YouTube slideshow
  • Other ideas:

    • A notebook with a quote from X on each page (maybe sell on Amazon)
    • I will write a lick/chorus for you … sing/piano (upwork, SoundBetter, Songbay, Tunesmith, or Songtradr)

    Related Legal Info

    Please note: The Blakey Consciousness Effect is not yet established as a non-profit organization.

    From the Nova Scotia Legal Information Society:
    • There is no “legal right” to use volunteer labour. There’s also no law that limits people to volunteering only with non-profit organizations.
    • There is no legally mandated process for finding volunteers. Organizations that rely on volunteers need to establish their own procedures for finding them. The CRA is not involved.
    • Even though they’re unpaid, from a liability perspective taking on volunteers is a lot like taking on employees. They’re another “human resource” and many of the standard human resources considerations apply (e.g. processing applications, screening, establishing policies around things like health and safety protocols, dispute resolution, and so on). Again, none of that involves the CRA.